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08/07/08 - Local Edition

08/07/08 – Local Edition

A fair that was held over the last week focused on farming and agriculture, while bringing an enjoyable experience to those involved. We have the details. Plus, we’ll introduce you to a dog named Billy… he’s the pet of the week. Those stories on this Local Edition.

08/05/08 - Local Edition

08/05/08 – Local Edition

The American Red Cross is still urging people to donate blood, as they continue to face “extremely low” blood levels. We’ll explain how they want you to help. Plus, a local business recently helped an overcrowded animal shelter hold an “adopt-a-thon.” Those stories and more on this Local Edition.

07/22/08 - Local Edition

07/22/08 – Local Edition

A local sheriff’s department has a new addition to their team, thanks to a very generous donation. We’ll explain. Plus, building character through community service. We’ll show you a fundraiser held by a local Tae Kwan Doe group. Those stories on this Local Edition.

07/17/08 - Local Edition

07/17/08 – Local Edition

A local library’s summer reading program is wrapping up at the end of the month, but the last activities of the program are still drawing a huge audience. We have the details. Plus, a local bicycle safety program has been extended. We’ll tell you more. And, we’ll bring you the “Pets of the Week.” Those […]

07/09/08 - Local Edition

07/09/08 – Local Edition

Hunting with a laser gun — it may sound like something from the future, but it’s exactly how a local venue is helping some people to improve their shooting skills. We have the details. Plus, a look at the “pet of the week.” Those stories on this Local Edition.

06/19/08 - Local Edition

06/19/08 – Local Edition

Building a new house is always a big project, but for one family in our area, a new home is something even more special. We’ll explain. Plus, a local animal shelter is crowded with kittens; they’re the “Pets of the Week.” Those stories on this Local Edition. Links from this Newscast: Wexford Habitat for Humanity, […]

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