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12/29 - Local Edition (Traverse)

12/29 – Local Edition (Traverse)

As many people already know, a michigan football team recently made NFL history by losing every game of the season. Vic McCarty caught up with some local fans of the team, to see what they thought about this less-than-desirable record. Plus, the new year is just around the corner, and the local YMCA is holding […]

12/24 - Local Edition (Cadillac)

12/24 – Local Edition (Cadillac)

One timeless tradition when it comes to Christmas is the legend of Santa Claus. We caught up with one of Santa’s many helpers to look at what goes in to making Saint Nick come alive every year. Plus, local business is working with a national non-profit to help those in need to stay warm this […]

12/17 - Local Edition (Traverse)

12/17 – Local Edition (Traverse)

Making Music… it’s something quite a few people do in one way or another, and one Traverse City group is providing a sort of community for some of those people. Vic McCarty visited the Radius Recording Studio to take a listen to the Traverse City Community Drum Circle. Plus, the Grand Traverse Bay YMCA will […]

12/10 - Local Edition (Cadillac)

12/10 – Local Edition (Cadillac)

“Mixed Martial Arts.” As the name suggests, they’re a combination of numerous martial arts… and now, Cadillac has a school for the those arts. Benjamin Arie has the story. Plus, the City of Cadillac is reminding residents that with winter weather hitting the area, home and business owners have a responsibility to keep a clear […]

12/04 - Local Edition (Cadillac)

12/04 – Local Edition (Cadillac)

A new store in Cadillac is selling art, furniture, gifts and more… and everything they sell is made right here in Michigan. We have the details about this new store, and their focus on “Local.” Plus, a new web site created by a man from Cadillac is aimed at making casual gifting a bit easier. […]

12/03 - Local Edition (Traverse)

12/03 – Local Edition (Traverse)

When you think of a local restaurant, you might think of a “mom-and-pop” diner or an eatery whose highlight is a unique local personality. Both have their own local flavor, but one restaurant in Traverse City is taking “local” to a whole new level. Vic McCarty explains. Plus, the Wellington Inn, located in Traverse City, […]