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12/24 - Local Edition (Cadillac)

12/24 – Local Edition (Cadillac)

One timeless tradition when it comes to Christmas is the legend of Santa Claus. We caught up with one of Santa’s many helpers to look at what goes in to making Saint Nick come alive every year. Plus, local business is working with a national non-profit to help those in need to stay warm this […]

12/22 - Local Edition (Traverse)

12/22 – Local Edition (Traverse)

Kids Christmas Creations… that was the highlight of a weekend event that was recently held at the Home Depot in Traverse City. Local Edition’s Vic McCarty visited this christmastime event, and has the details. Plus, the Grand Traverse Resort is preparing for a live music event on December 31. Those stories on this Local Edition.

12/18 - Local Edition (Traverse)

12/18 – Local Edition (Traverse)

A Christmas Chorus paid a visit to a few Traverse City area schools this week, helping students to get in the holiday spirit and just have a fun time. Vic McCarty joined the group at one of their stops, and has more on the story. Plus, the Theatre North Players are currently performing a play […]

12/17 - Local Edition (Traverse)

12/17 – Local Edition (Traverse)

Making Music… it’s something quite a few people do in one way or another, and one Traverse City group is providing a sort of community for some of those people. Vic McCarty visited the Radius Recording Studio to take a listen to the Traverse City Community Drum Circle. Plus, the Grand Traverse Bay YMCA will […]

12/15 - Local Edition (Cadillac)

12/15 – Local Edition (Cadillac)

Helping those in need — it’s a common theme during the holiday season, and an event that was recently held in Cadillac did just that. Benjamin Arie caught up with organizers setting up for this year’s Project Christmas event, and has more details. Plus, the Wexford Habitat for Humanity is holding a dedication ceremony for […]

12/15 - Local Edition (Traverse)

12/15 – Local Edition (Traverse)

Cutting a Christmas Tree — for many families, it’s one of numerous annual holiday traditions, and one local tree farm is helping those families to pick the perfect tree. Vic McCarty visited this local farm, and has a look at this classic Christmas tradition. Plus, the details on the downtown district’s upcoming “men’s night.” Those […]