Mason County Sheriff

Person Hit in Head with Metal Pipe During Assault in Mason County

Two people were taken to the hospital after a suspect was allegedly ramming vehicles in Mason County. It happened on Thursday at a home in the 100 block of North Amber Road in Mason County’s Amber Township. That’s where the sheriff’s office says a man was ramming cars at the home with his vehicle. During […]

Meceola Dispatch Warns of 911 Apps that Allegedly Help Connect with Dispatch

Meceola Dispatch Warns of 911 Apps that Allegedly Help Connect with Dispatch

911 is just three numbers to enter into your phone but many apps exist that say they can help you dial in an emergency. However the Meceola Consolidated Central Dispatch Authority says many of those apps are just gimmicks that don’t actually help with the call. Meceola Dispatch says that many of the apps claim […]


MDOT Lifts Many Work Zone Traffic Restrictions for Holiday Travelers

In an effort to help ease holiday travel this Memorial Day, MDOT plans to lift restrictions on nearly 70% of their current road and bridge projects across the state. AAA of Michigan estimates that more than 1.2 million people will travel 50 miles or more this weekend, an increase of 2.5% from last year. But […]

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Police in Kalkaska Search for Occupants that Fled Scene of Crashed Vehicle

Police in Kalkaska County are asking for your help in locating the occupants of a vehicle who fled the scene of a crash. It happened this past Saturday on Lund Road in the Fife Lake Area. According to the Kalkaska County Sheriff – the accident happened sometime around 7 o’clock in the evening. A tan […]


Traverse City Police Investigating Assault of Homeless Man

Police in Traverse City are investigating the alleged assault of a homeless man. It happened on Wednesday morning at approximately 1 in the morning near the old state hospital grounds. According to the Traverse City Police – the victim was assaulted by three men. He was taken to the hospital with a broken nose, two […]

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Manistee Man Accused of Providing Drugs that Led to Overdose Death

A Manistee man is accused of providing the drugs that lead to the overdose death of another man. In February SSCENT detectives started investigating a suspicious death that happened in the 2300 block of Filer City Road in Manistee County’s Filer Township. During that investigation detectives learned that the 23-year-old victim died of an apparent […]