What’s On 26.2: TV 26

MI News 26 is now broadcasting four channels over-the-air to Cadillac, Lake City, McBain and the surrounding communities.

TV 26 (Channel 26.2) showcases classic TV shows like Bonanza, the Lone Ranger, Jack Benny, classic cartoons and more, as well as a selection of modern programming including Family Feud, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Punk’d and more. Click here to download the latest printable, weekly program schedule for TV 26. This program schedule will be browsable online soon.

To receive our channels, you just need an amplified antenna and a digital TV or converter box. If you’re currently receiving TV using an antenna, you should be able to pick up TV 26 by rescanning your TV or converter box. You may need to re-scan a couple times, adjusting your antenna between scans, if your TV has trouble finding our station.

For more information on receiving TV for free via antenna, click here.

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