How to Receive MI News 26

MI News 26 is available on numerous cable lineups throughout northern Michigan:

Provider SD HD
Charter 13 13 or 789
Acentek 5 305
ATI Networks 14 n/a
Lighthouse Cable Engadine Area 56 56
Lighthouse Cable Mackinac Island 9 9
Summit Digital LeRoy Area 11 n/a
Summit Digital McBain Area 13 n/a
Antenna  26.1  26.1

MI News 26 and all 5 of our additional subchannnels can also be received by viewers watching TV using an antenna in Wexford, Missaukee, northern Osceola, and parts of the surrounding counties.

MI NEWS 26 IS NOT AVAILABLE TO DISH NETWORK OR DIRECTV SUBSCRIBERS AT THIS TIME. If you have one of these services and would like to receive our channels, click here to learn more about how to contact your provider and request MI News 26 be added to your local channel lineup. Your feedback is extremely helpful as we work to negotiate carriage on the satellite systems reaching our area.

To receive our station using an antenna, new viewers will need to re-scan their TV or digital converter box. In some cases, you may need to re-scan a few times to receive our station. Here are a few other tips:

  • An amplified rooftop antenna on a rotor will generally provide the best reception of antenna TV signals. When a rooftop antenna isn’t an option, an amplified indoor antenna is usually the best option. If your antenna has a power switch, it’s amplified.
  • Our tower is located near M-55, about halfway between Cadillac and M-66. Pointing your antenna toward our tower will give your TV the strongest signal.
  • When re-scanning your TV to find MI News 26, you may need to re-scan a few times, slightly adjusting your antenna between scans, before your TV recognizes our station.
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