DNR Says Many More Deer Could Have CWD

Many more deer could have Chronic Wasting Disease.

That’s according to the DNR as they wrap up testing from the firearm season.

So far thirty deer are confirmed to have or are suspecting of having the disease since 2015.

Thousands more deer from this year are still awaiting testing, meaning the numbers could still change.

The thirty deer are from four counties in Michigan in Clinton, Ingham, Kent, and Montcalm counties.

The first deer confirmed to the have the disease was in 2015 and between 2015 and 2016 only four deer tested positive.

But in 2017 twenty-six deer have been confirmed of suspected of having CWD.

The DNR says finding this many deer so quickly is a major concern for the deer population.

But Michigan has a comprehensive response plan and will continue to work with hunters to contain the disease.

The DNR encourages hunters throughout the state to submit their deer for CWD surveillance and testing.

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