American Airlines, Union, Dispute Number of Impacted Flights

In an update to a story be reported on Wednesday – American Airlines says they only have a few hundred flights without a pilot.

American Airlines 737We originally reported that a glitch with a computer system could leave travelers stranded this holiday season.

According to the Allied Pilots Association – the union that represents American Airlines 15,000 pilots – there was a failure with the pilot scheduling bidding at American Airlines.

Management of American told the union about the failure this past Friday.

The union says thousands of flights currently do not have pilots assigned to them.

Many of these flights are during the critical holiday period.

On Wednesday American said there were significant holes in the operation and started trying to come up with a solution.

That solution is to offer pilots willing to work the holiday a premium on top of their normal pay.

However the union has filed a grievance over management’s solution, saying it violates their contract.

And then on Thursday – American Airlines says that only a few hundred flights still are missing pilots.

They have not canceled any flights and the number of open flights keeps decreasing as pilots continue to pick up the unassigned flights.

The Union disputes this, saying that thousands of flights are still listed as not having pilots.

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