Mackinac Bridge Authority Votes to Keep Walk on Labor Day, Postpone Other Decisions until February

At their public meeting in Lansing on Monday the Mackinac Bridge Authority met to discuss the future of the annual Bridge Walk.

1120JOG - VideoMeetingDuring the meeting members of the public came forward to voice their opinions about the annual walk, the changes that were made for this year’s walk, and what they think could help improve next year’s.

This was the third public meeting to hear feedback from the community about the changes to the walk.

Changes to the 2017 walk, which were done with walker’s safety in mind, meant that many people that traveled to walk the iconic bridge were not able to.

Earlier this year the Bridge Authority discussed three different changes they could make for 2018’s walk.

During Monday’s meeting the Bridge Authority decided to keep the annual walk on Labor Day for 2018, but tabled any other decisions until their next meeting in February.

That meeting was to be held in Lansing as well, but at this meeting the Board decided to change the location to St Ignace.

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