Belle Oakes Receives Silver Title for Assisted Living Centers

A local assisted living center received some pretty prestigious awards Saturday.

Belle Oakes Living Center in Missaukee County was the recipient of the Silver title for Assisted Living Centers.

The title means the center has shown great dedication to its residents and they’re well being.

The president of the Michigan Centers for Assisted Living came by to commemorate the center’s achievement.

But the center itself wasn’t the only one receiving awards.

Two nurses, Belle Oakes Owner Esther Nederhood and Joyce Williams were also recognized.

Eshter was given the title of Nurse of the Year by MCAL and Joyce was named Caregiver of the Year.

Nederhood says she’s overjoyed about receiving the awards.

Now, Belle Oakes plans to earn the Gold title, the most prestigious title an assisted living center can achieve.

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