Cadillac High School Holds 49th Annual Veterans Assembly

Saturday is the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the year and on this day in 1918 the cease fire that brought an end to hostilities along the western front of World War I was enacted.

Since then many nations have used this date as a time to remember the fallen, those soldiers that would not be coming home.

In the US however, having already held a national day of remembrance, Memorial Day, since the Civil War, this day is used to remember and honor all veterans of service.

And one area school has held a service every year since 1968.

The 49th Annual Cadillac High School Veterans Assembly filled the stands with people turning out to show their respect to the many men and women who fight to protect the rest of us.

Spectators were able to watch as a Color Guard made of veterans of different branches of the military carried the flags into the gymnasium.

A candle light service was held, where students read statements thanking veterans for their service and excerpts from accounts written by soldiers.

There was a performance from the choir as well as a flag folding ceremony.

We spoke with one current service member, who is currently deployed and was home on leave visiting her family in Cadillac about what these events mean to those currently serving.

Some of the event organizers say that they hope the event can be seen as a way for the community as a whole to say thank you to the many veterans, both living and dead, for their service.

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