Firefighters Offer Some Woodstove Safety Tips after being called to two Fires in Wexford County

Two fires burned homes in Wexford County Thursday.

The first fire was on 27 Rd. in Cherry Grove Township.

Fire Chief Randy Miles tells MI News 26 that the homeowner had left the wood stove burning in his trailer when he went to work at noon.

Some time after, the trailer was fully engulfed.

A passerby noticed a large amount smoke coming from the area and called 911.

Firefighters quickly arrived on scene and found the trailer almost completely damaged.

Crews used a defensive attack to keep the fire contained until it was extinguished.

No one was inside at the time, although the trailer and two stationary cars outside were total losses.

And across the county on 28 Rd., firefighters battled another house fire.

There aren’t many details on the fire at this time, but we do know the house received some internal damage.

At this time of year, firefighters say it’s important to clean your stoves and chimneys, and have a professional come out to check your equipment.

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