MDOT Focusing on Some New Strategies to Reduce Traffic Crashes Caused by Cars Drifting from Their Lane

Across the country roughly half of all traffic crash deaths are related to vehicles that stray from their lane.

1031JOB - PhotosMDOT3That’s according to the Michigan Department of Transportation.

And to try to reduce lane-departure crashes, MDOT is focusing efforts on some systematic, targeted, and cost-effective strategies.

Right now the efforts are focused in Michigan’s Southwest Region, where during the four years from 2012 to 2016 there were 106 deaths from lane-departure crashes.

MDOT is installing these new features on more than 400 miles of trunkline highway to try and improve safety.

1031JOB - PhotosMDOT2The measures include cable median barriers, high-friction surface treatments, and grading pavement edges at a 30 degree angle rather than the vertical drop off.

MDOT is continuing to roll out the improvements with over 100 more miles are currently being worked on.

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