MSP Director Will Work for Five Days Without Pay After Controversial Facebook Post

Kriste Etue

Kriste Etue

The Director of the MSP will work for five days without pay as a disciplinary action.

This is following the investigation into a social media post that she made.

Earlier this year Colonel Kriste Etue shared a meme on social media that called NFL players who kneel during the national anthem as “ant-American degenerates”.

Her suspension was ordered by Governor Snyder on Thursday, who says Col. Etue must still report to work for those days and demonstrate outstanding leadership by example to the men and women under her command.

Col. Etue repeatedly apologized for sharing the post, and has met with various groups to hear concerns and to discuss ways the MSP can help connect and serve the people of Michigan.

Snyder says he still has faith in Col Etue’s leadership, she has served as an enlisted trooper for 30-years, and he hopes that Michigan can come together and find common ground to move forward, rather than rehashing past mistakes.

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