Local Artists Create “Crowns of Courage” to Help Support Cancer Patients

A local pair of artists came together with an idea that is now expanding to help cancer patients all across Michigan.

Crowns of Courage is a project that started out as an entry into Art Prize by Henna Artist Amanda Gilbert who got the idea by volunteering to put Henna Tattoos on women fighting cancer.

A Short time later several Photographers and Makeup Artists joined Amanda and created Crowns of Courage.

The process is called “Crowning” which involves a several hour process of applying Henna in a decorative pattern on the patients head where they lost their hair due to cancer treatments.

Crowns of Courage is now working towards becoming a non-profit organization to expand their services, with the goal of providing them to every woman fighting cancer. They will link up with hospitals and connect them to Henna Artists so patients can meet them and be “crowned” as well

During these sessions where the crowning process happens the women get the chance to share their experiences and emotions.

Alexandria Yonkman, one of the Crowns of Courage Warriors, reached out to us to tell us about the project and what it did for her.

She had just made the decision to amputate one of her legs to help end the advancing of her cancer when she was invited out to be “crowned”

22 women were invited out for the original start of Crowns of Courage and as the non-profit starts up they hope to serve women from across the state, the country and eventually the world.

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