Michigan Agency for Energy Urges former Energy America Customers to Check Bills for Gas Supplier

The Michigan Agency for Energy is urging 4500 former Energy America customers in the state to check their bills as they may enrolled into another company without their consent.

The customers signed up for service in 1998 with Energy America, but now they may be being charged by Direct Energy.

The MAE says these customers may have been enrolled without their consent.

In 2005 Direct Energy bought Energy America, which was serving customers throughout the state in both Consumers Energy and DTE Gas service territories.

Direct Energy is attempting to contact the affected customers.

If you are unsure who your gas supplier is, you can look for the Natural Gas Charges section on the gas bill that you get from either Consumers Energy or DTE Energy.

If Direct Energy is noted as the gas supplier, and that isn’t a choice you made, MAE strongly encourages you to call the state for assistance.

Customers may not have been aware of the change, or their right to choose a natural case provider every year.

Customers can call MAE’s Customer Support line at 1-800-292-9555 before making any decision. They can also fill out an online form.

For more information about MAE, please visit www.michigan.gov/energy or sign up for its listservs to keep up on MAE matters.

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