Police Arrest Man Accused of Using Phone to Record Another Man in Rest Stop Bathroom

A man was arrested in Wexford County after police say he was using his phone to watch another man in a bathroom.

Tuesday evening a motorist says he stopped at a rest area along US-131 North and while in the restroom he saw another man using his phone to watch the victim inside the stall with the door closed.

The victim left the building and saw the man in a parked vehicle. He got the license plate number and called 911.

A MSP trooper was sent to investigate, but the suspect left the rest headed north on US-131 before they arrived.

The victim followed the suspect and stayed on the line with dispatch, giving updates to their location.

The suspect got off the freeway and onto M-115, but that’s when he noticed he was being followed and tried to get away.

But while trying to get back onto M-115 the suspect crashed into the victim’s car.

The trooper and a Cadillac Police Officer arrived and stopped the suspect’s vehicle as it was leaving the scene.

The suspect was arrested and was said to cooperate with police, and the MSP says he confessed his actions to the trooper.

He was lodged in the Wexford County Jail on two felony charges as well as two misdemeanors.

Further investigation of the suspect’s phone is being handled by the MSP’s Computer Crimes Unit.

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