2017 School Year Results in for MSP Bus Safety Inspections

Every year the MSP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division inspects every black and yellow school bus and student transportation vehicle in the state.

Michigan has approximately 17,000 vehicles that transport over 800,000 students every year.

The buses travel over 10 million miles every year.

And each year every public, private, and charter school vehicles that takes children from home to school, or school related events, must be inspected.

This includes vehicles under contract even.

Buses receive one of three different scores, PASS, YELLOW, or RED.

Buses that pass are considered to be in satisfactory condition to operate.

Buses with a YELLOW rating are in unsatisfactory condition, but safe to operate. However, the buses must be repaired within 60 days of the inspection.

And buses in the RED were found to unsafe and must be repaired before they can be put back into passenger service.

Vehicles that have been inspected are identified with a sticker placed on the front windshield. The inspection sticker displays the Michigan State Police “shield” and the school calendar year it is valid for.

The results for the 2017 school year have recently been announced and to see how your local school district fared, you can find more information here.

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