Houses Passes Bill to Keep Michigan Legal Limit at .08

A bill recently passed in the Michigan Legislature is looking to keep Michigan’s BAC for legally operating a motor vehicle at .08.

At least for the next five years.

In 2003 the Michigan amended the Michigan Vehicle Code to lower the legal driving limit from 0.1 to .08.

That law was enacted based on studies that showed even small amounts of alcohol can effect your ability to drive.

The risk for a single vehicle crash increases eleven times from a BAC of .08 to one of .1 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The law was also enacted because it saw Michigan be in compliance with federal sanctions which are required to receive federal funding for state highway programs.

But that original law came with a end date of 2013. But the legislature voted to extend the law by five years, to 2018. And now with that law set to expire the legislature is voting to continue it for another five years, until 2023.

The rules have not changed for the federal funding, to be eligible for the average $1 billion per year that Michigan receives for highway programs, the limit must remain at .08.

Also, data collected by the MSP has shown that with the lower limits, the number of crashes involving alcohol has decreased since the original 2003 enactment of the lower limit.

The bill passed with overwhelming favor, 106 to 1, and now moves to the Senate.

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