Michigan Attorney General Says No Tolerance for Gas Gouging as Hurricane Harvey Causes Disruptions

The Michigan Attorney General says they will not tolerate price gouging or fixing in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey has continued to impact the gulf, and as a result the nation’s largest oil refinery, along with many smaller ones, have been shut down.

Because of this drivers will see slight spikes in gas prices.

However, the Michigan Attorney General’s Office wants to make it clear that while the slight spike due to the disruptions caused by Harvey, any gas station owners who attempt to take advantage of this type of disaster will not be tolerated.

This is especially pertinent this weekend as we head into the Labor Day Holiday Weekend.

The increase in traffic along with the impacts of Harvey means Michiganders will see increases at the pump this weekend. However there will be no tolerance for unscrupulous behavior that violates Michigan law.

Customers who become aware of direct evidence concerning price fixing or gouging is asked to contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division.

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