St. Mary’s River Reopened to Commercial Traffic After Boat Ran Aground

The St Marys River has reopened to commercial vessels after a cargo ship ran aground Wednesday night.

The Coast Guard says the 629′ U.S. cargo ship ran aground on the north side of Sugar Island Wednesday night at approximately 11:40pm.

The Calumet had left a steel mill on the Canadian side of Sault Ste. Marie and was heading to Breveport Michigan when it ran aground.

The Coast Guard is on scene and says no one was injured.

The Army Corp of Engineers conducted an assessment of the river bottom around the vessel, and determined no debris was obstructing the channel.

The Calumet was then refloated, and sailed on its own power to anchorage near Lake Nickolet, where it went under examination.

Currently the Coast Guard says there is no sign of pollution, and the cause of the grounding is still under investigation.

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