Final Dolphin Helicopter Leaves Air Station Traverse City

0811JOG - PhotoMH602A common sight across Michigan will soon disappear from the skies as the last Dolphin Helicopter departs from the Coast Guard Air Station in Traverse City next week.

0811JOF - DolphinThe MH-65 Dolphin has been a familiar sight in the Michigan Skies since 1995 – when they were first assigned to the Air Station in Traverse City.

Since 1995 they have flown more than 63,000 hours, which over 11,000 of those supporting search and rescue efforts.

During the 22 years of service, the Dolphin crews from Traverse City responded to nearly 4600 distress calls, saved 208 lives while assisting 365 others, and saved or protected more than $370,000 of property.

0811JOG - PhotoMH60On Monday the final Dolphin will leave Traverse City, completing the Air Station’s transition to the MH-60 helicopter, which is considered a better suited helicopter for responding in the Great Lakes region, especially in the winter.

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