New FTC Initiative Looks to Help Reduce Illegal Robocalls with Call-Blocking Solutions

In the fight against illegal robocalls, the FTC says they are escalating their efforts to aid the telecommunications industry in Call-Blocking solutions.

Everyday tens of thousands of consumers reports illegal robocalls to the FTC and the now FTC says they are using that information to help the industry stop the unwanted calls before the ever reach consumers.

This is through what is called call-blocking solutions. The telecommunication carriers and industry partners would actual block the calls from ever reaching a person’s phone.

And to know which numbers to put on these blacklists, the databases of telephone numbers that should be blocked – the FTC is making those reports they receive available to the carriers.

The data the FTC releases to the carriers would include the number it came from, the date and time of the call, along with the general subject matter of the call, and whether it was a robocall.

The data will be released to the carriers on a daily basis – helping them to continue to block the unwanted calls from every reaching your phone.

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