First Electric Car Chargers in Michigan to Charge Users by Kilowatt Hour Installed in Lansing

As more and more electric cars are making their way on the roadways, the technology behind keeping them charged is going through some revisions.

Currently – most public charging stations require owners to pay an hourly or even monthly fee for the use of the chargers – which can lead to some owners paying for electricity they never use.

To help owners pay for only the electricity they use, some charging stations now allow users to pay by the kilowatt hour.

val_car_592508_7And the first of those kind of chargers in Michigan were recently installed in Lansing.

Users of the station will pay 15 cents per kilowatt hour, which is close to the standard rate utility companies charge their users.

However, by charging per kilowatt hour, prices will fluctuate based on demand, allowing users to see how much it costs to charge during the day compared to what it costs at night.

The Michigan Public Service Commission says that paying by kilowatt hour is a growing trend across the U.S. – and it provides customers a standard for cost comparison, similar to the price per gallon for gasoline.

The Lansing charger is a test of the market acceptance of the pricing method, and if successful the program may be expanded to other regions across the state.

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