Three Astronauts Blast Off for Five-Month Mission on ISS

Three astronauts recently blasted off from the Russian Baikour Cosmodrome, headed to the International Space Station.

Each of the men is a seasoned space traveler, each having spent previous time in orbit.

This is Cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanskiy’s second mission, having previously been a flight engineer onboard a Soyuz craft in 2013, spending 166 days in space.

This is also Astronaut Randy Bresnik’s second flight, having previously flew to the space station during a shuttle mission in 2009.

And European Space Agency Astronaut Paolo Nespoli is on his third mission to space. he spent two weeks on a shuttle mission in 2007 and spent 160 days on the ISS in 2010.

The launch took place Friday morning and the men join the crew of Expedition 52.

Some of the science investigations that the crew will take part in during their nearly five month stay include a study on the pathology of Parkinson’s disease developed by the Michael J. Fox Foundation and the study of stem cells in microgravity to help understand how stem cells work.

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