MSU Extension Offers Tips for Helping Control Nuisance Wasp Nests

This is the time of the year when wasps nests and colonies reach their largest size of the year.

And with that they can became pests and nuisances around homes and businesses.

0727JOE - PhotoWaspAnd according to the Michigan State University Extension, getting rid of those nuisances can be a tricky endeavor.

Occupants of the nests seem to resist efforts to eradicate them by stinging anyone who attempts to do so.

Many wasp species are solitary, but here in Michigan we see more social vespid wasps, like yellow jackets, bald-faced hornets, and paper wasps.

These nests are most active in August, as colonies build nests in the spring, but begin to die off in the fall.

The MSU Extension says that paper wasps may have a colony of only a few dozen while yellow jackets may have up to two thousand wasps.

Homeowners may decide to tackle the smaller nests, but when dealing with the larger ones the MSU Extension recommends hiring the services of a pest control company.

But if you do decide to tackle a nest on your own the MSU Extension has many tips that can help you avoid the painful stings. You can find those tips on here: Getting rid of wasps.

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