Two DNR Officers Recognized for Life Saving Efforts

Two DNR officers were recognized Thursday for saving the lives of accident victims in the Upper Peninsula and Oceana County earlier this year.

Evink.Shively+Award+-+CopyConservation Officers Mike Evink and Ben Shively received the DNR’s Lifesaving Award for their actions in the separate incidents.

In January, Evink’s was dispatched to a home in the U.P.’s Schoolcraft County. A propane deliveryman found a homeowner unresponsive after being overwhelmed by carbon monoxide. After attempting CPR, the deliveryman made an emergency phone call before passing out.

Evink went to the home and found both the homeowner and deliveryman unresponsive. The homeowner had no pulse and that the deliveryman was barely alive.

0714JOG - PhotoDNREvnikEvink opened the garage door to provide the victim with fresh air and rendered aid. An ambulance arrived and took the deliveryman the the hospital, where he recovered. Unfortunately, the homeowner did not survive.

And in March, Shively was on patrol in Oceana County when an erratically driven truck traveled toward him in the wrong lane.

Shively stopped his vehicle and the truck slowly returned to the proper lane.

As the truck passed by, Shively noticed a blank look on the driver’s face. Shively followed the truck and saw it again drift into oncoming traffic.

0714JOH - PhotoDNRShivelyShively stopped the vehicle and saw that the driver was pale and sweating profusely. The driver told Shively he had cut his arm with a chain saw and was on his way to seek treatment.

Shively, a DNR Law Enforcement Division first aid instructor, observed the severity of the wound and immediately requested emergency medical assistance.

He believed the driver was in shock due to significant blood loss. Shively rendered aid until emergency responders arrived.

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