New Law Creates Privacy Rules for Police Body-Cams

A new law recently signed by Governor Snyder looks to create new rules concerning the disclosure and retention of the recordings from body cams worn by police.

The law creates the Law Enforcement Body-Worn Camera Privacy Act – which creates policies for police agencies to follow with their body-cams.

It specifies that any disclosure of audio or video from the cameras would be subject to protections provided by the Crime Victim’s Rights Act as well as make it so that any recordings that are from a private place by an officer would be exempt from disclosure by Freedom of Information Act requests, except under certain circumstances.

It also prescribes a minimum period of 30-days that agencies must keep recordings on file and requires agencies that use the body-cams to draft a written a policy regarding their use.

The law goes into effect in January.

More on the law can be found here and here.

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