Coast Guard Responds to Nearly 30 Calls During Busy Weekend

The Coast Guard also says it was a busy weekend on the Great Lakes.

They were called to assist nearly 30 people.

The Coast Guard says they rescued 13 people and assisted 16 others during a busy weekend on the Great Lakes.

In one of the calls, the Coast Guard Station in Buffalo pulled a person out of the water shortly after Midnight Monday morning.

Local fishermen had thrown the person a net, but they were unable to pull them onto their boat.

The Coast Guard responded and rescued the survivor from the water and took them to shore for medical evaluation.

In the remaining cases, the Coast Guard rescued or assisted boaters across the Great Lakes taking on water or who were beset by the weather.

The Coast Guard recommends boaters check the forecast before heading out.

In many cases, weather conditions can quickly deteriorate and catch boaters unaware and underprepared.

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