MSP Trooper Saves Man Suffering Overdose in Wexford County

An MSP Trooper saved the life of a man suffering from an overdose in Wexford County.

The incident happened shortly before 8:30 Friday night on M-115 in Wexford County’s Selma Township.

That’s when a Trooper on patrol noticed what he thought was a stranded motorist.

The trooper stopped to check on the motorist, and approached the car.

When he spoke with the driver, he learned her passenger, a 30-year-old man from Traverse City, was unconscious and not breathing.

The woman was already on the phone with Wexford County Dispatch, but because of stress and not being familiar with area, could not tell them where she was at.

The trooper recognized the signs of a heroine overdose, and began rendering aid.

An airway was established and narcan was administered.

The man didn’t respond to the medicine at first, so the trooper maintained the airway and monitored his pulse until EMS could arrive on scene.

Once paramedics arrived, they took over treatment and transported the man to Munson Cadillac.

The man regained consciousness and was later released.

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