First Seasonal Pedestrian Island in Michigan Being Installed in Greilickville

Like snow shovels and flip flops, some things aren’t needed year-round in northern Michigan.

Pedestrian refuge islands, a place for pedestrians to wait for traffic while crossing a roadway, are popular features during warmer months when foot traffic peaks. During the winter however, they can be a nuisance for snowplowing operations or a hazard for vehicles.

A seasonal pedestrian refuge island, the first of its kind in Michigan, will soon be installed at along a northern Michigan road – outside the Discovery Center – Great Lakes on M-22 in Greilickville.

The Discovery Center has activities along both sides of the highway and has been busing visitors across for safety and convenience.

MDOT considered more elaborate options, such as a tunnel or overpass, but decided that a seasonal pedestrian island was the most economical approach. It also can be developed and installed quickly.

The island is being installed along with driveway upgrades to the center.

The Discovery Center is paying for the upgrades, MDOT only issued the permit for the island placement along M-22.

This is a pilot project, and MDOT and the Discovery Center will monitor results this season. If successful, MDOT say they may consider this option for other crossings.

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