Legislation Looks to Increase Penalties for Texting While Driving

Drivers using their phones while driving could face heavier fines and greater consequences under new legislation currently making it’s way through the Michigan Legislature.

House Bill 4466 looks to amend the Michigan Vehicle Code that deals with texting while driving.

Current Michigan Law generally prohibits typing or sending a text message while driving.

The amended law would prohibit a driver from holding or using their phones while on a highway or street, including while temporarily stopped because of traffic, traffic lights, or stop signs.

The bill would allow drivers to activate or deactivate devices if it’s mounted on a windshield, dashboard, or center console, as long as it doesn’t hinder the view of the road and if the driver only needs to swipe or tap the device with one finger.

Penalties for violating the law would also be increased from the current $100 fine to $250 for the first violation and a second violation would increase to $500.

Starting with the second violation and all others after that would also result in two points in the drivers license.

The bill was last referred to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

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