Coast Guard Air Crew Medically Evacuates Man from Cargo Vessel on Great Lakes

Coast Guard crews were called to evacuate a man with a medical emergency from a cargo ship on the Great Lakes.

On Wednesday the air crews from the Coast Guard Air Station in Detroit were called to medically evacuate a man experiencing a life-threatening illness aboard the cargo vessel in lower Lake Erie near Marblehead, Ohio.

0511JOF - PhotosCG1At approximately 3 o’clock in the afternoon the crew of the Joseph H. Thompson notified the Coast Guard that a crew member was suffering from symptoms of a life-threatening condition onboard the vessel and that the man needed immediate medical attention.

A rescue air crew launched from Air Station Detroit in a MH_65 Dolphin helicopter and a boat was launched from Marblehead, Ohio.0511JOF - PhotosCG2

An EMT was onboard the response boat and they boarded the cargo ship and assessed the man’s condition.

Once the helicopter arrived on scene, the air crew hoisted the man aboard and took him to a hospital in Sandusky.

According to the Coast Guard, the man was last known to be in a stable condition.

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