New Legislation Looks to Help Identify Lost or Injured People with Special Needs

A bill making it’s way to Governor Snyder’s desk is designed to help identify lost or injured people with special needs.

The Child Identification and Protection Act was enacted in 1985 to help identify missing children.

It allows the fingerprinting of children under the age of 17-years-old with the written request of the child’s parents or guardian.

There is also a Michigan law that allows Michigan residents to request their fingerprints be taken.  However, there is concern that someone with special health care needs who is under the legal custody of a parent or guardian, might not have the legal capacity to make such a decision.

Senate bills 36 and 38 would amend the Michigan statues to allow a parent of a child or person with special health care needs to request fingerprints and photographs be taken.

The bills recently passed in both the Michigan House and Senate and will soon head to the governor’s desk.

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