Toyota Unveils New Heavy Duty Truck Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells

And in your tech news today —

The Toyota Motor Company announced a feasibility study on Wednesday that is exploring the use of hydrogen fuel cells in heavy duty vehicles.

The company revealed “Project Portal” – a hydrogen fuel cell system designed for heavy duty truck use.

Toyota_Project_Portal_Concept_01_44D86345FDC1608993B681894347C6A57C3F549DHydrogen fuel cells are a zero emission technology that use the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity.  This reaction creates only water and heat as emissions.

The electricity is then used to power electric motors and the other components of the vehicle.

Toyota’s Project Portal scales this technology up to test it’s feasibility in heavy duty applications.

According to Toyota this proof of concept truck is a fully functioning heavy duty vehicle with the power and capacity to operate like any standard diesel powered vehicle.

Toyota expects the truck to operate at the Port of Los Angeles starting this summer, where it will be used alongside the Port’s fleet of existing diesel powered vehicles.

The trucks viability and performance will be tested during normal, daily operation at the port.

Toyota says this is just one part of their ongoing research into fuel cell technology and it’s potential for a zero-emissions vehicle future.

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