Township Officials Deny Nestle Permit Needed to Increase Water Draw in Osceola County

County officials have denied a request to increase the amount of water a bottle-water company pumps from Osceola County.

The Osceola Township Planning Commission met Tuesday night in Evart where the permit from Nestle Waters for a pipeline booster was discussed.

The booster would be at the Spring Hill Camp and it’s part of a proposal for the company to upgrade from 150gpm to 400gpm from their Osceola County well.

The commission’s meeting lasted for nearly three hours, including nearly 30 minutes of a closed session where the members debated the issue.

Nestle has applied for two permits, one from the DEQ that would allow them to increase the amount of water they pump, and another from the township to build the facility that would allow them to pump the additional water.

The permit for the building in Osceola Township was requested through the zoning commission, and it argued that the increase is an essential service.

Osceola Township Supervisor Tim Ladd told MI News 26 that for something to be considered an essential service, the service must meet two criteria.  Those criteria are that it is a public necessity and a public convenience.

The zoning commission decided that as no residents receive their water from Nestle’s 5-mile pipeline, their service is not a necessity.  And all residents already have running water in their homes, the service is likewise not a convenience.

Nestle has the option to rework their proposal and resubmit it to the omission.

And the permit with the DEQ is still pending.

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