Coast Guard Warns That While Air Temps are on the Rise, the Lakes are still Cold

The Coast Guard is reminding people heading outdoors that while the air temperature has been on the rise, the lakes take longer to warm up.

As temperatures approached 80 degrees in some areas of the Midwest this past weekend, people took to the water, and the Coast Guard responded to multiple cases on the Great Lakes involving boaters in distress, including four people who were rescued from dangerously cold water.

On Lake Michigan Coast Guard crews pulled a kayaker from the water who was suffering from mild hypothermia after his kayak overturned.

Another kayaker was rescued on Lake Erie after his kayak overturned as well.

And two more were pulled from the waters of Huron.

The Coast Guard is reminding those heading to the water that while the air may be warm, the water is not.  Hypothermia can develop in a matter of minutes and is a serious threat to anyone who falls into the water.

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