Second Case of Measles for 2017 Confirmed in Michigan

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has recently confirmed a second case of measles in the state.

This second case was linked to the first case which was reported late last month.

In that case a person had traveled out of the country where they contracted the infection.

This second case was on the same flight as the first and was exposed to the measles while the first patient was contagious.

The two are not related to each other.

The MDHHS is reminding Michiganders of the importance of getting vaccinated.

The measles is a highly contagious disease and vaccination is the best line of defense.  Successfully controlling it and preventing outbreaks requires high levels of immunity throughout the community.

Last year there was one case of measles reported in Michigan.  Across the US, the health department says the number of measles cases has been on the rise.

And the vast majority of those who get the measles have not been vaccinated against it.

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