State Wide Tornado Drill, Leelanau Mass Casualty Simulation to be held on April 19th

Monday marks the beginning of severe weather awareness week, and in conjunction, All of Michigan’s National Weather Service offices will be conducting a Tornado Drill.

The drill will happen at 1pm on Wednesday, April 19th. At that time, the NWS encourages all counties to test their emergency alert systems. On NOAA radio, This will replace the normal weekly test.

To coincide with this, In Leelanau County, the local schools will also be hosting a mock Mass Casualty Incident.

0412RHC-Mass Cass B-Roll

The drill will utilize every member of the schools as opposed to a focused group of students in the past.  All students and staff will have a role and 12-15 others will receive make-up, to simulate serious injuries.

The Leelanau County Governmental Center as well as Tribal Government will also be participating. The drill will be over by noon, and officials say not to be concerned at the sight of emergency vehicles at local schools.

These drills are conducted every spring to make sure that the systems and emergency personnel are ready for severe weather.

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