Amazon May Refund Over $70 Million In-App Purchases Made by Children

Amazon may refund more than $70 million in-app purchases made by children.

This comes after Amazon and the FTC have agreed to end appeals related to last year’s court findings that the company billed cusomters for in-app charges that were made by children.

The FTC says this will pave the way for affected consumers to seek refunds from the online retailer.

A federal district court found in April of 2016 that Amazon billed customers for unauthorized in-app charges that were done by children using mobile apps downloaded from the company’s app store.

The court found that Amazon failed to get the parents’ consent for the in-app charges made by their children.

The court denied the FTC’s request to forbid Amazon from similar conduct in the future.  The FTC appealed that denial, while Amazon appealed the court’s ruling that the company had violated the law.

The district court stayed its order requiring Amazon to begin offering the refunds while the appeals were pending.

But with both companies deciding to end their litigation will allow the refund process to begin.

More than $70 million in-app charges made between November of 2011 and May 2016 may be eligible for refunds.

Details on that refund program will be announced by Amazon in the near future.

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