Local Farmers Provide Relief to Fire Victims in Kansas, Texas

Wildfires earlier this month devastated parts of the plains — and now, farmers in Texas and Kansas are working to rebuild. That’s an effort that farmers here in Michigan are also getting involved with.

The wildfires burned hundreds of square miles and killed at least six people, all while ravaging farmland in the plains… and this disaster is one that farmers here in Michigan felt they needed to do something about.

Farmers from across Michigan have been loading up semis full of donated agricultural supplies, with the goal of trucking those supplies to fire-stricken parts of Kansas and Texas… and it all started as a grassroots effort on Facebook.

A project this big takes a lot of coordination — starting with the donation of the needed agricultural supplies.

Getting those supplies together wasn’t the only challenge, though. There’s normally a significant cost in permits for the trucks hauling these supplies across state lines.

Through collaboration with numerous states’ governments, those fees were waived… and that’s led to another round of local support.

Organizers of local relief efforts are looking for all sorts of agricultural items — and cash and fuel donations, as well. If you’d like to help, you can stop by Family Farm and Home in Clare on Saturday — or search “Michigan Convoy” on Facebook to find other places to donate and help.

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