High Winds Cause Power Disruptions for over 200,000 in Michigan

The strong winds across the state that started on Tuesday and continued through Wednesday caused over 100,000 residents to lose power.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Consumers Energy says over 212,000 of their customers were affected by downed trees and power lines due to the high winds.

The winds have been over 60mph in some areas.

On Tuesday 30,000 customers were affected, primarily in northern Michigan.  But on Wednesday as the high winds came across lower Michigan, even more customers were affected.

Because of the storm’s duration and statewide impact, Consumers says some customers in the worst impacted areas may not have power restored until Sunday.

From lineworkers to damage assessors, wire guards and customer service representatives, more than 1,600 people are engaged in the storm restoration effort.

Great Lakes said they had over 7500 members without power Wednesday afternoon.

While Cherryland Electric said they had 68 customers without power.

And the strong winds had the Mackinac Bridge Authority keeping a close eye on conditions for drivers across the Straits.

Throughout the day the authority issued wind advisories and escort notices.

Under the escort notice, high profile vehicles such as pickup trucks with campers, cars with luggage on the roof, and semis with enclosed trailers must be escorted across the bridge.

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