Antrim County Sheriff Investigating Reports of Firewood Scam in Northern Michigan

The Antrim County Sheriff’s Department is warning of another scam in the area.

According to the sheriff’s department, this scam has people calling churches and other charitable organizations requesting financial help to purchase firewood.

The scammer will say they have run out of firewood and have no heat in their house for their family.

They need to money to purchase more firewood.  The charity agrees to assist and writes a check for the firewood.

Later when the charity follows up and tries to verify the firewood was delivered they’ll be told that no firewood was delivered.

The Antrim County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the fraud/scam and say that the investigation has crossed county lines.

Anyone who has information about these scams is asked to contact the Antrim County Central Dispatch by calling the non-emergency line at 231.533.8627.

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