Driver Facing Possible Other Charges After Crashing in Leelanau County

A driver could be facing further charges after crashing her car in Leelanau County Tuesday night.

The Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office was called to the report of a car off the road on East Melkid near North Nelson Road Wednesday morning.

On arrival deputies say they found the grey Pontiac down an embankment and that the car was unoccupied.

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Deputies were able to locate the driver, and 18-year-old from Northport, at a home on North Foxview Drive.

She allegedly told deputies that she was driving on East Melkid Road when a deer ran out in front of her.  She said she lost control of the car, going off the roadway and down the embankment.

She told deputies that her driver’s license was currently expired and that’s why she didn’t report the accident.

The driver was ticked for failing to report a traffic crash and for having an expired license.  She will be scheduled to appear in court at a later date.

The driver was not injured in the crash.

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