Thousands Evacuated in California Due to Potential Dam Failure

And in national news today —

0213JOD - PhotoDam-1 0213JOD - PhotoDam

Thousands of California residents have been evacuated because they’re under threat of a partial dam failure.

It’s happening at the Oroville Dam in California’s Sutter County – which is just north of Sacramento

According to the county – the Lake Oroville Dam Auxiliary Spillway has suffered potentially catastrophic damage as a result of erosion.

This damage then could result in a failure of the spillway.

As a result, Sutter County and Live Oak have called for mandatory evacuations and Yuba City strongly recommends an evacuation.

Two other nearby counties, Butte and Yuba, have also issued evacuation orders.

The California Department of Water Resources has increased water flow from the spillway in an attempt to decrease the water level in Lake Oroville.

Helicopters are also being used to drop rock filled containers in an attempt to strengthen the potential failure point.

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