Michigan to become a little greener

A contribution is being made to make some Michigan Communities greener.

Consumers Energy is giving away $100,000 to help communities plant trees.

Last year over $40 million was spent clear cutting trees from power lines.

The purpose of the grant is to create sustainable urban forests and encourage responsible tree planting efforts.

The grant awards up to $2,500 per community. The Michigan Forest and Park Association reviews The Community Tree Planting Program’s application before submitting their grant recommendations.

According to the grant committee, certain criteria must be met before the tree planting begins.

That criteria includes choosing the appropriate space for specific tree species, for example, an open space free of electrical lines.

The concept comes from a guide titled, “Right Tree Right Place,” by the National Arbor Day Foundation.

The guide states that trees should not be planted under high-voltage transmission lines, which transmit electricity across Michigan.

For more information on tree planting check out the National Arbor Day Foundation website.

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