Police Chase Leads to Deadly Accident in Cheboygan County

A police chase and accident in Cheboygan County caused the death of one man early Thursday morning.

According to authorities, the incident began in Tuscarora Township. Police chased a car onto White Road, where the patrol car lost control and impacted a tree near an intersection. The officers in that vehicle were taken to the hospital with relatively minor injuries.

The vehicle that police were chasing apparently also crashed into a tree, near the intersection of Cub Road and White Road. That man’s name was Benjamin Bunker. He died as a result of that crash.

Police are still investigating all the details of these two crashes.

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One Response to “Police Chase Leads to Deadly Accident in Cheboygan County”

  1. very sad, a young man who was employed , and a very nice personality. Now the prosecutor Daryl Vizina decides the police had no fault at all.
    this is a politically motivated decision on the first time and hopefully the last time elected , wet behind the ears, crooked for votes who gets paid in an office that says fairness integrity, and justice (laughable ) remember this at election time, police and prosecutors have way too much power, and abuse it. shame on them

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