Mexico: Mother rips out 5-year-old’s eyes during satanic ritual

CIUDAD NEZAHUALCÓYOTL, MEXICO (BNO NEWS) — Police in central Mexico have arrested a group of family members after a mother allegedly ripped out her five-year-old son’s eyes during a satanic ritual, local authorities said on Thursday.

The violent ritual occurred on early Thursday morning at a house in the city of Nezahualcóyotl, located in the State of Mexico near the capital of Mexico City, when neighbors reported hearing screams coming from the building while the family carried out the act.

The state’s Citizen Security Ministry chief Salvador Neme confirmed the incident, explaining that responding police officers found a number of family members at the residence when they entered. The relatives allegedly said they were going to kill the boy to “cast the demon out” and “avoid an earthquake to save this earthly world.” Officers also observed family members praying in an unknown language.

Authorities believe 28-year-old María del Carmen Ríos García, the mother of the child, ripped out the child’s eyes after he refused to close them during the ceremony. The boy’s aunt, 22-year-old Ruth, allegedly held down the boy’s head while the mother removed his eyes, using her bare hands with the help of a spoon.

The boy, identified as Fernando, was rushed to the city’s Public Security Department where he was airlifted to the Red Cross Pediatric Hospital in Mexico City’s Polanco area. He was later transported to the Children’s Hospital in Tacubaya, also in Mexico City, where he was reported in a stable but serious condition.

Neme said eight people were arrested in connection to the brutal act, including the boy’s mother, aunt and his grandparents. One of the men arrested had sought help from police officers patrolling the area, saying a boy had been injured at a house. The father of the child was not in the house at the time of incident and reportedly did not know of the ceremony.

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