35th Annual Governor’s Breakfast Addresses Students; Businesspeople

“Please join me in welcoming the 48th Governor of Michigan, Gov. Rick Snyder!”

With those words, the highlight of the 35th Annual Governor’s Breakfast in Cadillac began.

As has been tradition for three and a half decades, Governor Snyder visited the Wexford Civic Center this morning to speak to both local businesspeople… and a large group of students, eager to meet the Governor and some other politicians.

“I wanted to come just to get the whole feeling of meeting the governor, meeting the representatives of our state,” said Dakota Wieczorek, a student at Pine River Area Schools.

During his speech, the Governor focused heavily on job creation within small and medium sized business… and how that job creation will benefit students in Michigan.

“We have great economic development programs… particularly at the local level… to help Small Business be successful. The other thing we need to do is work with small businesses… all businesses… to encourage them to say, are they interested in internship program, apprenticeship programs, mentoring, going to visit schools,” Governor Snyder explained.

The Governor’s speech lasted about 20 minutes, and was followed by questions from some local high school students who showed an interest in the political issues our state faces.

“I thought it was really good to hear the Governor talk about his views and his plans for the future,” Logan Kassuba of Cadillac High School told MI News 26.

Madeline Saucedo, also of CHS, said “I really appreciate that he brought up education and the public problems that we’re having in Michigan.”

The Governor addressed some of those problems during his speech, saying that one key to solving them will be for everyone to set aside their differences.

“It’s all about working together,” the Governor stated, “One of the things that held Michigan back in many ways is we were too divisive… so my view is, I’m not here to fight with anyone. I’m here to see Michigan succeed… so my view is, let’s find the common ground we can find, let’s put in a solution, let’s solve the problem… let’s just move Michigan forward; let’s be a great state.”

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