Local Headlines — 5/3/12

Eighty-six District Judge Michael Haley says that Danelle Round, the woman who was convicted of animal abuse, was not violating her probation after authorities and residents spotted a horse on her property.  The Traverse City Record-Eagle reports thats Round isn’t in violation of her probation although details cannot be discussed.  Authorities spoke with a person who was at the property and she said that Round no longer lives at the property and the woman is renting the property from Round and is in the process of purchasing it.


Beginning next week, Lake Mitchell will be part of a survey conducted by the DNR.  The Cadillac News says the survey will include eight to 10 trap nets on the lake and will focus on fish numbers and growth in the lake.  The DNR says the same survey will be conducted on Lake Cadillac later this month.  The last time the surveys were completed were done in 2003.

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